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Bag Lunches - Quick Pick Selection

Our bag Lunch includes Sandwich of your choice, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle Spear, 12oz.Can Soda, Potato Chips, and a choice of either Cookies, Brownies (+$.59pp) or Fresh Fruit (+$.59pp) and all the necessary condiments and paper products.

For the busy professional that doesn’t have a lot of time for decision-making, this option offers a large variety of delicious and innovative combinations from which to choose that are tasty and nutritious and will give you that added jump-start of energy needed to get through the day.

Select the number of each type of sandwich you would like. Write any specifics in the comments box below. Any requests that are more specific please use the Custom Bag Lunch selection on the previous page.

When adding this order to the cart the total quantity ordered will always be 1 since this category treats the total number of bag lunches as 1 order.

      Qty.     BLT - BL   ($13.99) 
      Qty.     Grilled Chicken Breast - BL   ($13.99) 
      Qty.     Chicken Salad - BL   ($13.49) 
      Qty.     Corned Beef & Swiss - BL   ($15.50) 
      Qty.     Egg Salad - BL   ($13.49) 
      Qty.     Ham & Cheese - BL   ($13.99) 
      Qty.     Italian Gourmet - BL   ($13.99) 
      Qty.     Roast Beef - BL   ($13.99) 
      Qty.     Roast Beef & Cheese - BL   ($14.99) 
      Qty.     Shrimp Salad - BL   ($18.25) 
      Qty.     Tuna Salad - BL   ($14.25) 
      Qty.     Turkey Gourmet - BL   ($13.99) 
      Qty.     Turkey & Cheese - BL   ($14.99) 
      Qty.     Veggie Delight (Cold) - BL   ($13.99) 

      Qty.     700 Club - BL   ($14.49) 
      Qty.     Ham & Cheese Club - BL   ($14.75) 
      Qty.     Turkey Club - BL   ($14.99) 
      Qty.     Roast Beef Club - BL   ($15.50) 

      Qty.     Chicken Caesar Wrap - BL   ($14.99) 
      Qty.     Chipotle Chicken Wrap   ($14.99) 
      Qty.     Southwest Turkey Wrap - BL   ($14.99) 
      Qty.     Turkey, Bacon and Avocado Wrap   ($14.99) 

Total Qty.

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